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Jessica Miranda Roberts

Mindfullness and Moving Meditation Instructor

Hello! I’m Jessica Miranda Roberts. My husband and I raised our six children in Jensen Beach for the last 10 years and we have come to love our friends and neighbors here in Martin County.  I teach mindfulness and moving meditation to individuals and in small and large groups. With over 18 years of experience teaching full time, I started out teaching slow flow yoga and mindful eating, then added tai chi about 5 years ago. My style of teaching is inspired by the Sanskrit word “maitri” which means “being kind and friendly towards oneself”. Breath work and mindfulness are so beneficial, and I integrate both into all my teaching to bring greater peace and awareness to each student, empowering them to deeply internalize their practice.

I enjoy helping others.  Yoga and tai chi can be transformative because they incorporate mind, body and heart, and I love being a part of that process, and guiding others on their journey.  There is nothing else I would rather do.  Whether I am helping someone learn to relieve their own pain, create a healthier lifestyle, or delve deeper into a particular practice, I am helping lift that person, and by extension, their family and community. I feel like it is my little way of making the world a better place.

 All ages, body sizes and types and experience levels are welcome. Reach out if you're interested, there's no obligation, and I can give you my class schedule in your area

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