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I urge those who are reading this newsletter to send an email expressing their opinions on subjects. When a reader sends one, it will be included if I find it relevant and I have adequate space. I may edit the letter because of length and clarity. You don’t have to agree with me to have your letter in Friends & Neighbors. All you must do is send it to TOM CAMPENNI or fill out the form on the website.

Amy Pritchett

Dear Tom,

I would like to address the article written about the MCSB, specifically the speakers’ innuendos and your comments, in a meaningful and most importantly, accurate fashion.

I have no contact, friendship, or otherwise affiliation with Bridget Ziegler. Being a member of Moms for Liberty and a school board member does not automatically lump me into her indiscretions.

As an MCSB member, I belong to the Florida School Board Association, (FSBA) through a group membership paid by the district. However, to become a Certified School Board member, one must accumulate 96 points. Each point counts as 1 hour. Through FSBA, I amassed hours/points through attendance at conferences throughout the past year and a half. 

Some of those conferences dealt with Finance, Policy Making, Governance, and School Budgeting. This participation yielded 65 hours/points. The remaining 31hours/points were completed by me, independently. Those hours were spent online, and they were completely free of charge. I was able to find interesting courses, relating to education, safety in schools, as well as Ethics, legislative issues, etc. 

At no time was the district asked to pay for any of my independent learning. For public speakers or anyone to insinuate that is reckless and unwarranted. I was certified by FSBA, not by Hillsdale College. I participated in a 9.5 hour course titled “A Proper Understanding of K-12 Education: Theory and Practice.” This course was done online, in my home, and was free of charge. 

Our Student School Board Representative for the 23-24 school year will be attending Hillsdale College in the Fall. The speakers who made these comments denigrating Hillsdale showed no consideration for the student or the truth.

Before speaking about any of this publicly or writing about it, wouldn’t it have been better to ask me directly, instead of making assumptions? 

Facts matter!

My Response:

Amy :

I report what is said at the meeting. I then may give it my spin.

I also said that I have been a contributor to Hillsdale. I still believe that any tax paid school board member education should be accomplished at a Florida based school preferably a state college or through a Florida based education organization..

I am glad you wrote and made your positions clear. I enjoyed your column here before you became a school board member. I have offered a column to your successor at Moms For Liberty but she has declined several times.

Thank you for taking the time to write your letter.


From Sean Reed

Thank you Tom for the invitation to share more information about my comments made on 6/10/24 regular City Commission Meeting.  As I stated at the meeting, the number of units that were approved since 2017 was much closer to 2800 than the 2300 referenced by Mr. Mortell during his presentation. 

The 2800 units based off of the residential development pipeline graphic published on the City of Stuart website.  This graphic included all of the developments and the number of units from 2017 to 2021.  After the meeting I was shown an updated version of that pipeline graphic that put the number of units above 3000 from 2017-2021.  This pipeline chart was published originally on the City of Stuart website.  I am including the website link, the page still remains though the graphic has since been removed.

The 2846 units referenced at the meeting was calculated by recording how each commissioner voted on the projects and the number of units they approved from 2017-2021.

As you can see whether it’s 2800 or 3000 units, we are a far cry from the 2300 referenced during the presentation.  Which is why I felt compelled to correct the record during public comment.  More than an exact number of units my take is residents are upset that such a large number of apartments were approved in the City of Stuart.  Whether it’s the 378 at Costco, the 172 at Central Parkway Lofts or the 212 apartments at Indigo, when I go door to door residents are saying “enough is enough”.


Tom Explanation:

Sean is a candidate for City of Stuart, Group IV. This is in response to what I wrote about the last city commission meeting. Reed also has included a spreadsheat that he created. I urged Sean to make an appointment to discuss this issue with City Manager Mortell. I said I would try to be there if both parties agreed.

 Sean's Spredsheet can be found here

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