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I urge those who are reading this newsletter to send an email expressing their opinions on subjects. When a reader sends one, it will be included if I find it relevant and I have adequate space. I may edit the letter because of length and clarity. You don’t have to agree with me to have your letter in Friends & Neighbors. All you must do is send it to TOM CAMPENNI or fill out the form on the website.

From Caryn Hall Yost Rudge:

This new format is aces, Tom. Thank you. You are spot on about the importance of the proper city attorney:  "The demeanor and past conduct of the manager and attorney must be unimpeachable." I think you could do a fun investigative piece on the Federal Case 23-14270-CV because Judge Middlebrook's Order on August 31, 2023 is allowing to move case forward.   I haven't served Mortell, Nicoletti, or City with their summons but whom will accept service to sign summons and then Answer for the city?    It's an exciting little mystery!   I grew up in Hancock New York and can't wait to see you in person to talk about that area that is so dear to my heart!!  Not many people know where it is! 


From Ralph Caruso

Railroad Bridge Opening Schedule It is nice to hear that the marine industries have decided to step into the railroad bridge mess.  Those of us who own sailboats and live west of the bridge have no one to speak for us.  I agree that all the stakeholders need to be involved, but the proposal still has a very large hole in it that no one seems willing to bring up .  The railroad says that 16 ft clearance will allow 90% of all boats that currently wait for the bridge, to go thru it.  I don’t believe that this is true, and what is the railroad going to propose about the operating schedule with the new bridge? The operating schedule should not wait until the bridge is complete, or even under construction, or even just a hand sketch.  The operating schedule issue should be tackled FIRST, and the new bridge should be designed to make sure that the bridge is open often enough to meet the needs of the maritime communities that need an ICW clearance (65 FT – the current clearance of the New Roosevelt Bridge).  This is important, because if the proposed bridge takes too long to open or close, then the boaters will be  stuck, and I can easily hear the railroad saying that it is good enough – the bridge should only open once or twice per day, in the middle of the night, when there are no trains moving.  The discussion about bridge opening times needs to be done NOW, before anyone spends any more money on this ill-conceived project.  Brightline/FEC knew this was going to be a problem before they started on the track and signal upgrades, but they chose to ignore it, thinking that closing the bridge to accommodate the railroad would be a fait accompli.  Well, it is not, and we don’t want to waste more money just to have this discussion again in 4 years. We need to establish a HARD schedule for bridge opening, NOW. 


From Richard MacAuley

immigration Reform? The U.S .Constitution charges the federal government with border protection and immigration policy. The current administration continues to make a mockery of these duties. I note the use of words such as "undocumented immigrants" as opposed to "Illegal immigrants", "Desantis' new anti-immigrant law" and "them foreigners". These words do little to promote respect for federal immigration laws currently in place. Recklessly opening the border, clandestinely transporting unvetted illegal immigrants in the middle of the night to various cities and towns throughout the U.S. and subjecting our citizenry to a multitude of possible health hazards, criminals and terrorists also do little to improve the situation and is counterproductive. We must abide by the laws and if necessary change them, but. breaking the law and putting the citizenry in jeopardy is not the answer. Eagerly await each issue of your F & Ns  

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