Glossary of Terms

Acronym Term
ARPA American Rescue Plan Act
AMI Annual Medium Income
BMAP Basin Action Management Plan
BOCC Board of County Commissioners
BDB Business Development Board
CIP Capital Improvement Plan
CTE Career & Technical Education
CDC Center For Disease Control
CCF Centum Cubic Feet
CSS Children’s Services Council
CDBG Community Development Block Grants
CDD Community Development District
CRB Community Redevelopment Board
CRA Community Redevelopment Agency
CAFR Comprehensive Annual Financial Report
CERP Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan
DEP Department of Environmental Protection
EOC Emergency Operation Center
ERC Equivalent Residential Connection
ERU Equivalent Residential Unit
EAR Evaluation & Appraisal Report
EAA Everglades Agricultural Area
FARB Fixed Asset Replacement Budget
FRA Federal Rail Administration
FDOT Florida Department of Transportation
FWC Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission
FIND Florida Inland Navigation District
FTE Full Time Equivalents
FLUM Future Land Use Maps
HMO Health Maintenance Organization
HDHP High Deductible Health Plan
HSL Hobe Sound Local
IRL Indian River Lagoon
LDR Land Development Code
LORS Lake Okeechobee Regulation Schedule
LOSUM Lake Okeechobee System Operating Manual
LAP Local Agency Program Certification
LPA Local Planning Agency
MCFR Martin County Fire/Rescue
MCSO Martin County Sheriff’s Office
MCTA Martin County Taxpayers Association
MOU Memorandum Of Understanding
MSTU Municipal Service Taxing Unit
NIMBY Not In My Back Yard
OECD Organization For Economic Co-operation & Development
PRAB Parks & Recreation Advisory Board
PUD Planned Unit Development
PPO Preferred Provider Organization
PAMP Preserve Action Management Plan
RFP Request for Proposal
RPUD Residential Planned Unit Development
ROW Right of Way
SUSD Secondary Urban Services District
SFWMD South Florida Water Management District
SMRU South Martin Regional Utility
SHIP State Housing Initiative Partnership
STA Storm Water Treatment Areas
TIF Tax Increment Financing
UPUD Urban Planned Unit Development
USB Urban Services Boundary
WHO World Health Organization
ZIP Zoning-In-Progress

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