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Mayor Tompeck asked why Kloee Ciuperger from Gallo Pavo was not at the meeting to present to the commission. Gallo Pavo is the town’s grant consultant and lobbyist in Tallahassee. All that Manager Daniels could say was that he urged her to be there.

In all fairness to Ciuperger, if she had abandoned her post in Tallahassee to do a dog and pony show, she should be fired. In the last two weeks of the session, the last thing you want is your lobbyist leaving Tallahassee. Her job during this crucial time is to pigeonhole legislative and agency staff to get the money the town needs to do and complete projects.

The commission hired a very small firm to do grant writing and lobbying. Unfortunately, the mayor does not understand the dynamics and the commission offered no defense for their choice. Daniels also should have piped up and said to the commission, “she can be here or there where the money is. What is more important.”

A list of the grants can be found here 

There was a brief discussion regarding maintenance of the stormwater improvements where the town is spending millions (mostly grants) to build. In the past, no maintenance was done, and because of its outfalls and weirs were not well maintained. Without a dedicated funding source, it would not make much sense to build and improve stormwater capacity. It would make even less sense for the state and Feds to fund it.

There was talk of a stormwater enterprise fund being created or spending from the general fund to handle maintainence. It would be almost ecological and governmental malfeasance to do nothing. Daniels was asked to come back with suggestions.

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