Eric Kiehn

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Eric Kiehn

C&W Technologies, Owner & CEO

Eric Kiehn is the owner and CEO of C&W Technologies, a company that has been "Doing IT Right Since 1985". With over 40 years of experience in the industry, Eric has established himself as an expert in technology and business development. He is committed to business success with his involvement in various organizations such as the Economic Council of Martin County and the Business Development Board of Martin County, where he has served on their boards and past presidents, as well as local chambers and volunteer organizations.

Despite being in the industry for several decades, Eric never grows tired of what he does. He finds joy in seeing businesses thrive and knowing that he played a part in their success. Some of the companies that he has worked with in their early days have grown and are now being passed down to second and third generations This brings a sense of pride and satisfaction that he has helped fulfill part of his company's mission statement - providing customers, employees, and the community with quality support, services, and products in a professional and efficient manner, that will allow all to grow and prosper.

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